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NANY 2015 Release: MarkdownBuddy

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It shouldn't be the pdf assembly, as it's self contained in the directory, and not installed- it's just a library that I call.  I also use a (few different) PDF drivers on different machines, and haven't seen any behavior like you've said.  I'd like to test that out... but I understand if you're not willing.

Thanks for the feedback in any case!

Updated with the final release.

Sorry, wraith, I can't test this version any longer as I had to delete it from my system. I suspected that the PDF widget in there may have interfered with my PDF-Xchange Printer Lite 2012 driver. When I tried printing a PDF from MS Word today, it all came out blank, which never happened before. I can't be certain that it's your app, as I also had Acrobat Reader updated yesterday (so it could be that), but after deleting the Markdownbuddy folder and restarting the system my driver came back to life. As I said above, for me there is no value added in having the PDF save option, as I can do that myself.
-dr_andus (December 15, 2014, 10:25 AM)
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I downloaded the PDF-Xchange Printer Lite 2012 driver and installed it on two different computers (my test computer and my development computer) and MarkdownBuddy didn't interfere with the driver.  I don't think that the libraries interfered with yours... though with more information I could perhaps locate something?

this a great tool! works wonderfully.

only gripe is that I use portable text editors because of IT restrictions at work and 4.5 Framework isn't installed. :-(


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