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NANY PRE-RELEASE: Dedicated Windows client for Slack

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Ah crap yeah, forgot the file was on my old domain...gimme a min and I will drop a link here.

OK, Portable version has been uploaded and link updated in OP.  Removed download links to update website and full version (installer) downloads.  Will try get updates working again when I have a free moment.  Just moved house so I have a million and one things to do :)

Link to portable version still isn't working for me. Maybe you should host it somewhere more reliable. Like a dcmember server, or Google Drive/Dropbox?

Works now :)

2 Things were wrong:

• I didn't put Portable.rar in the link
• DC added another http:// to the link and turned it into http://http://www.


Ah well, it's up now, will mirror it as well xD

2 Mirrors Added:



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