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NANY 2015 Release: Delete After Days

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NANY 2015 Entry Information
Application Name Delete After DaysVersion 2.0.0Short Description Drag and drop files into the basket to delete them after given days. Supported OSes WinXp and aboveWeb Page Link

I download many files for work, leisure and checking purposes. Many times I do not get time to check them and they just occupy space in the download folder. When I feel like, I delete them on older file dates. Now some of the download though done today (say), show the original zip/exe date, which may be six months old or maybe some years old.

So the deletion as per file date deletes the ones which I may have download last week.

I needed something where I can mark the files to auto delete after few days, months etc. So I do not have to worry on my folder filling up with old files, as I mostly copy the work related files to their respective folders.

I searched and found there are many who are searching for the same, but till date MS also did not respond.

I made "Delete After Days".

Drag and drop files on the icon on the desktop. It will prompt you for days after which they will be deleted. The files remain where they are and you can copy / move them. If left for more than specified days, they get deleted, automatically.


More screen shots at

To install, extract the zip file in a folder, say "Delete After Days", and run the "Delete After Days" exe.

Pheeeeeeeeew !  :D

"I make resolution to take up 2015 NANY many many months before end of Dec 2015."

I can not tell how I had to work hard to keep my family, company and myself happy. This NANY gives me happiness.



Note: I know, my resolution will remain as they had for all these years.

This is going to be very useful :up:
Thanks for this great/small NANY entry! :D

New version uploaded.

Version 2.0.0
- Click on basket to get menu options.
- List Files with expiry dates.
- List Files which will expire soon.
- List Files which expired and were deleted.
- Remove the file expiry date, if want to, original files remains untouched.
- Open and view files from the list.
- Setting to display smaller basket.
- Setting to set expire soon days.
- Shows colored papers in the basket if files will expire soon.

Screen shots also updated.

Same link.



Nice, Anand.  Great work.   :D


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