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Most popular topic at Donation Coder?

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It appears to be the silly humor - post 'em here! [warning some NSFW and adult content] thread started by f0dder back in February 2009. Over 672K (and counting) views plus over 4K replies. I think that's a record!

... 161 pages - definitely :)

I like the ones with pics posted, generally.  The ones where misspellings change the sense of the item reminds me of the Tonight Show routine where viewers supposedly submit funny blurbs.  I know Jay Lenno carried it on after Carson.  I haven't watched the new Tonight Show.  But I doubt they throw popular bits away.  :)

Well, all statistics can be found on the stats page (hidden in the 'Forum Stats' section near the bottom of the forum front-page), where one can also see that 40hz is the number 3 top-poster (right after mouser and renegade) :D

My two notetaking threads are #2 and #3!  woot!
i must be a little obsessed.

what a weird world we live in.  I've had more "conversations" with people here than with most people in my local life!


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