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Code Sector discount 50%

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We are offering a 50% discount starting today through January 7, 2014 on all our software. Just visit, no coupons are required.
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Read there blog here

Pubishers of TeraCopy and Direct Folders eo

EDIT: I suppose that the mentioned date must be: January 7, 2015
I can confirm the discount, bought Direct Folders with a 50% discount!

thanks for the heads-up, bought Direct Folders in a similar promo a year ago. this year might get TeraCopy.

this year might get TeraCopy.-lanux128 (December 25, 2014, 08:48 PM)
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PS. TeraCopy 3.0 alfa will be released tomorrow, stay tuned.
-Code Sector, December 26th, 2014
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@Curt: thanks for the heads-up!

I am a big fan of TeraCopy, so I have tried to purchase a license for this old problematic laptop I have been given. Unfortunately there is something wrong, be it soft and or hard ware, but whatever it is, it has made Java become a huge problem to me, and I have not yet been able to fix it. Java is saying on their homepage that one should wait 10-60 seconds before Java will respond. But Codesctor's shopping cart waited for less than a 10'th of a second, before I was re-directed to >"Payment information not received, did you enable JavaScript?"<. Sad story, I am sorry. I have not yet received an answer from Sales.

Did any one else have problems with Codesector's shopping cart?  :tellme:


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