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IDEA: Spring-loaded folders!

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Wouldn't it be awesome to have Mac-like spring-loaded folders on Windows? You grab a file, drag it, hover on a folder for 2 seconds, an Explorer window opens. Hover on a folder in there, another opens, until you've navigated to the destination folder, where you can drop off your file. As soon as you let go the mouse, all the Explorer windows that opened spring shut again. This requires writing an Explorer extension.

I believe this feature is (was?) available as part of Stardock's ObjectDesktop: SpringFolders

Not avaiable as a standalone, and not free  :(

I've also read Apple owns a patent on specific implementations of the spring-loaded folder.

It's also built into Directory Opus, which is also not free.  Not standalone either, but it's just one more reason to ditch explorer for a 3rd party replacement. :mrgreen:

one more reason to ditch explorer for a 3rd party replacement.
--- End quote ---
Are we talking regular windows here, or the Windows Explorer?
The tree-view pane in Windows Explorer is spring-loaded (i.e. it automatically expands when you hold something over it).

I've also read that Microsoft cross-licensed Apple's spring-loaded folders patent back in 2002 - could it be true?

what explorer and others don't do it "unspring" and close after the operation.. i also dont know if auto-opening occurs only in tree(folder) pane.
personally that's fine with me, i prefer them to stay open and don't need it working in main panel..


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