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Anyone using the Mailbird Email client and can recommend (or advise against) it?

30 days money back guarantee, and merely $6 per year - and they also offer a free version? Wow!

I had never heard of it before, so Thanks for informing!  :up:


Interesting (lack of) feature:

We respect our users’ privacy and therefore Mailbird was developed to never scan the content of your inbox or other personal information.
--- End quote ---

I tried it.  It's now uninstalled.  Didn't actually *do* anything to my mailbox, and stopped responding.  meh.

I've used it (alongside eM Client) since March this year (bought a lifetime license), and as a mail client I really like it. It's simple, fast, looks good and keeps getting updated. It's simplicity is a strength, but also a weakness depending on your needs. If all you need is a mail client it does the job, and does it very well. If you need more advanced features, or stuff such as a fully integrated calendar then you should probably look elsewhere. The same applies if you're using it with a lot of different mail accounts. It handles them well enough, but the lack of a unified inbox (for now, it is coming at some point) is somewhat annoying.

It takes merely ages for any feature to implement. They took over a year for an address book and is it capable of syncing (e.g. a carddav server)? Nope. Everything it does is always pretty basic, if you need anything that coexists within a heterogeneous environment (by syncing it's stuff), look elsewhere...


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