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Please help me

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Hi! guys I'm new to this forum.I need to know how to create exe file from a my own ahk script.I mean that I want to develop and publish my ahk script like a software.

Search for: "Ahk2Exe" :)  I can't get you a link right now, but that is what you need :)

If you installed AutoHotkey properly, all you should have to do is right-click your AHK file and choose 'Compile Script' from the menu.

Blogmanoj, welcome to the DC forum.

In the future, please use a more specific title for your posts -- in this case perhaps "How can I save an AHK script as an EXE?" A specific title helps readers know if it is relevant to them or not. But something like "Help!" could be about anything, and readers must open the post to find out more. Thanks.

A shy man indeed.

Happy New Year !!!!! :-*


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