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Looking for Kubuntu Plasma 5.1 that works with VMWare Player

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I saw instructions on Kubuntu's website to install Kubuntu Plasma 4 and then use apt-get (or something similar) to update to Plasma 5. Is that an option for you?
-Deozaan (December 22, 2014, 04:41 PM)
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I added a VM using Mint 17 KDE x64.  It installed OK except for one glitch at the end.  It hung on the reboot.  But I just rebooted it using the VMWare Power control.  The install seems OK.  Now I just have to figure out how to update everything or maybe just wait for Mint 17.1 KDE release.

It adjusted to my Laptop's 1360 x 768 res without a problem.  I like it.  I have to struggle with routine tasks like making shortcuts to programs that show the program's icon.  I spent 2 hours installing Firefox 34 since it had 28.0 on.  (Most of the time spent messing with shortcuts and folder copy crap.)  But all that will come in time.  It seems to be quite stable so far.   :Thmbsup:

I downloaded some themes with Glass in the name but so far I haven't seen any real transparency.  But I think I could use this OS when it gets a stable Plasma and I install it on the metal.  There's no shortage of free programming tools.  That's for sure.  :)

I have Mint 17.1 KDE x64 installed as VM now.  Installation was straightforward.  In fact I shrank the window and sufred using k-meleon while waiting.  I also managed to get the vmware tools installed.

I still don't see anything to match Vista or W7 composition yet.  But it does look nice


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