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NANY 2015 Entry: Ballistic: an easy list filter

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I downloaded it twice from both places just now, still get v1.0! I check the About page and look for Double Wildcard in help, still v1.0  :-[

Well I can confirm that, the .exe file in the first-time downloaded zip is dated August 2013, not really close to December 2014 when it was first posted, but hey, that's what can happen with NANY :)
But, as a side-note, Ballistic isn't very Hi-dpi (actually, 125% in Windows 7) friendly, as my screenshot shows:

Okay, try it again, please (sorry!)  I've double-checked the zip file and it *is* version 1.1 this time.
I've never tried it at any other resolution than 100%; I can't guarantee it will work in another resolution.

It actually was first published close to December 2014 as version 1.1; I had created it and posted it on my private page but only ever privately shared it.    Mouser told me it was okay.  This is the first time I've ever publicly shared Ballistic.

[Ath, by the way, the link in your signature leads to a blank page...]

Ballistic v1.1 is pretty fab! I'll be happy to use an offline version. :Thmbsup:

When I put 17 letters in the finder box and run permutations, I get "Error:  Memory limit reached (see #MaxMem in the help file)."

DyNama.   Hmmm..  
I don't know what you mean by "offline" version.  It doesn't even connect to the internet.

I've never put 17 letters in the box before.  Permutations can take hours, you know, especially with 17 letters - it will try to find *all* possible combinations from those letters.   For example, if you try to permutate just 8 letters, you create a list that is 362,880 lines long.

However, I was able to reproduce that problem.  I'll see if I can fix it.


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