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OS News on The Devaluing Effect of the Application Store Model


There's a post at OS News today that discusses some of the real negative impacts of Apple and Android App Stores and the "Freemium" model:

Apple (and Google) have instigated a race to the bottom, massively devaluing the work of developers... I have never made a secret out of my dislike of the application store model, exactly because of what it does to independent developers. It devalues their work, and independent, small development houses will simply be unable to survive in this race to the bottom. The end result? Apple and a few large companies win, but independent developers and users lose.
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I'm pretty sure the exact same trends apply to the Play Store - just with far lower revenue numbers.

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It would be interesting to see reliable data for the Play Store case.

Thanks for sharing.

At least someone out there has noticed. It's about time.

I do a lot of work in this area, and have little good to say about it.  :mad:

Which goes to show there's very 'good' reasons why none of the big players are willing to publish any relevant data about revenues - or revenue sharing with devs.


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