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Rx (Reactive Extensions): A Flavor of Functional Reactive Programming


Have been working to wrap head around Rx.  The going has been slow, but recently came across some resources that have been...better than what I had found before:

* RxJSKoans - once the set-up was complete, this was helpful especially because of the small chunks and interactive experience...didn't know anything about QUnit though and it had been quite a while since interacting with NodeJS, so had to learn / brush up on some of that...some of the code seems a bit buggy which tends to work against the learning experience, but that's a relatively minor point.  The links below the 'Reactive Extensions Class Library' section of the RxJS repository page were helpful -- the fact that the example code seems to often enough reference other library functions does not tend to facilitate newbies looking to shave less yaks, but way better than nothing.
* Netflix JavaScript Talks - Async JavaScript with Reactive Extensions - nice (and humorous) talk by Jafar Husain (cf. LearnRx Tutorial below) -- via comment on reddit by an RxJS author -- btw, there's a glitch / subliminal advertising(?) at 13:55 or so ;)
* LearnRX Tutorial - 'a series of interactive exercises for learning Microsoft's Reactive Extensions (Rx) Library for Javascript' - interactive with relatively small chunk-size like RxJS Koans...not quite finished with this and haven't reached the "Reactive" part yet...watching the talk first may help
* The introduction to Reactive Programming you've been missing - taking a look at this after having gone through some of the RxJS koans was helpful.
* 'Additional Reading' section of RxJava repository - a collection of resources, many of which somehow I hadn't managed to find in the months since I first started investigating.
* RxMarbles - Interactive diagrams of Rx Observables - interesting (try dragging and dropping some marbles) but slightly buggy?
Anyone else experienced with / looking into such things and have helpful resources to share?


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