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Farewell, Dr. Dobbs

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After 38 years of glory, the long run of Dr. Dobb's has come to an end.

To be quite honest, I was hardly aware that it was still around.  Although I had been a subscriber since shortly after it began, and remained so for nearly as long as there was a print edition, I hadn't looked at it in many years.

Nonetheless, it marks the passing of an era.

Dr.Dobbs was an amazing programmer's magazine in its prime - at the top of its class.

Sad to see the first and finest purveyor of "computer callisthenics and orthodontia" ("Running light without overbyte!) finally quits the field. I still have some of my old issues carefully stowed away.

It's a whole new world.

I always found  Andrew Binstock's articles outstanding.

What I find interesting: I can still remember the shock when I held the last print edition of C++ user journal in my hands, and my subscription turned into a Dr. Dobb's print edition subscription. Then that ended as well. And now not even the online edition is sustainable (which, I must admit, I did not subscribe to). I could well imagine that this will happen to many other ad-based services in the not so distant future.

Ah, Dr. Dobb's. While I - as a German - never actually got my hands on even one of those magazines, I surely know its reputation. A tragic loss for everyone.


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