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The Grumpy Programmer - great blog by a well-seasoned programmer


Just found this and lost a few hours of my life basking in the glow of someone who really has "been there, done that".
Programming doesn't have to suck...

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from ReadWrite Blog

Great find, thanks for sharing  :up:

Note the Kinesis keyboard in the comic ;)  Ok, may be, may be not...

When someone tells you something is new, and it is new to you, why shouldn't you believe them? The obvious answer is that people pushing the next big thing are trying to get rich and will lie like a rug to get there. Been there, almost done that. Another reason is that enthusiasm is infectious. It is just fun to jump on something that seems new and exciting. But, mostly the media have little to write about so they all jump on the same new idea and hype it.

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