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Directory Opus Discount for Current Owners of v11 - Expires 1-1-2015


Guess the GPSoft guys didn't want people who already own v11 to feel left out. Found this in my email today:

It's the Great GP Software Holiday Licence and Optional Features Sale!

From now until January 1st, 2015, you can add extra install licences or optional features like USB Export or Advanced FTP for half the normal price.

For example,

* Single licence to Dual, was AUD $40, now AUD $20 (approximately $19 USD)
* Dual licence to Five, was AUD $120, now AUD $60 (approximately $52 USD)
* USB export licence, was AUD $10, now AUD $5

(Please note, all transactions incur an additional $1.95 processing fee)

To take advantage of this offer, login to the My Account <> page on the GP Software website with your email address and Opus registration code.

* To add extra licences, click the Add Licences link, and use coupon code HLDYLIC50
* To add Advanced FTP, click the Add FTP link, and use coupon code HLDYFTP50
* To add USB export, click the Add USB Licences link, and use coupon code HLDYUSB50

We hope you continue to enjoy Directory Opus 11!

Wonder if it's because yesterday I tried to upgrade my already upgraded v10 using the other deal ... needless to say, it told me it had already been upgraded  :P

Thanks again, I'll pass this on also.


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