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TreeDBNotes Pro - Christmas and New Year Discount: 50%

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You can now buy this great notes manager / PIM with 50% discount.
The Pro version for only $ 17.47

Look at this site

Steven Avery:
Hey, I've always liked this program, even when using alternatives like RightNote.  I just never sprang for a full pro license.
I'm going to get a license.  Maybe get back into one PIM, like in the old Time & Chaos days.  (This is more Pimmable than



Ooops. The coupon code is a mystery.


Grace and peace in the new year,


I have to say, this was one of my finalists in my big notes search a couple of years ago. However, in the versions at the time, I ran into a deadly bug that severely damaged the structure of the tree!

Also, they used to have a forum, and then they took it down in favor of a "blind" support form submitter. So I cannot recommend this program!
My replacement that does almost the same thing is MyInfo.

I ran into a deadly bug that severely damaged the structure of the tree! [...] So I cannot recommend this program!-TaoPhoenix (January 01, 2015, 12:59 AM)
--- End quote ---
What was their response when you reported the bug?

Steven Avery:
And I don't think they responded to my inquiry about why the discount price did not show.

It seems that the program lacks a calendar, keeping it out of the possibility of being the elusive note program that functions as a full PIM.


TreeDBNote  "TreeDBNotes Pro is a universal information manager including a notes manager, contact manager, password manager and task manager, as well as a calendar, alarm clock, reminders, and many other useful features (attachments, screen capture, clipboard monitor, scratch pad, portable notes manager)."

Anybody see the calendar?
not that little history thing?


RightNote - nothing (to be fair, a fine program, it is simply note-centric).

InfoQube - looks like it has new limited calendar

Mybase - very weak on pics to tell

MyInfo - "Calendar View"


Or do you have to go to an Outlook-style PIM or a Calendar program to try to get that?
Even though these are all weak on notes and/or database.

Vueminder for the calendar is always a thought.  (yes, forum)

Pimero from Germany (worth a look)
Time & Chaos  (TX, USA - long and interesting PIM history. Is the email in Intellect anything, does it go back to Courier enhanced?)
And the various Outlook clones. (Essential WinPim Efficient -China)

(generally no forums in this last genre)



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