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IDEA: .Net Unhandled Exception handler


At it's simplest I'd like to have a utility that runs as a service (or at least while running as an app if not a service) to be able to intercept the Windows debugging handler when .Net Unhandled Exception errors occur in C# software, store the error title and message in an SQLite db, and forward the capture to the coder.
As the error message will be passed to the coder, the ability to facilitate sending these to a selectable contact on Skype as a file transfer is needed. (While other methods are/may be made available, via Skype is the preferred option.)

Ideally, storing these in an SQLite db with a front-end that allows filtering and review of captured instances, along with system date & time of occurrence, with a screenshot of as much of the screen as necessary (Some people capture too little of the issue in screenshots which makes it difficult to place the error in context of the user action and the date/time the error occurred), and a note field to detail what the user was doing when the error occurred, and a field for the users name (the coder at the other end may get lots of unhandled exceptions and needs to know which ones are from whom) would be a welcome bonus.

Given this is a coding forum having something of this nature available might be very appealing to a dev themselves to use but this is aimed at allowing complete non-techies to capture the relevant info as quickly and simply as possible so it can be sent to the coder who needs this info to assist with a fixit for the issue. The situation is ripe for having a variety of additional supporting facilities but the core concept is capture and forward the .Net Unhandled Exception error messages preferably as a Skype file transfer (to avoid the limitation of the number of characters allowed to be typed in any one message)

I have done some research into "invoking the JIT debugger" that occurs at the bottom of each .Net UE, and seen a variety of how to enable it (which I don't need as I'm not the person debugging) and how to disable the JIT but that's not the required outcome because this info should be captured and passed on to assist with the resolution ! Similarly a search on the DC forum shows lots of references to UE's occurring but nothing about capturing and making it available to the coder in the shortest, but still accurate, timeframe and method possible.

I don't have the skills to code something at this level (just a dabbler :) ) so I'm throwing it out there for someone to think about.


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