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It makes me crazy ... SC zoom while i'm screening

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I have a Surface Pro 3 on multi screen, but this the same effect with only the screen of the surface.

When i want to make a screenshot, for example a selected region, SC zoom my desktop as i can't make the screenshot.
This is the same effect as if i change of resolution.

I don't know what i did to have this behaviour .. I never had this problem.
I desinstalled and reinstalled... but nothing.

What could it be ?

Thanks for your answer.


Ok, so I know this issue has come up at least once before, having to do with some odd resolution confusion issue.. I'm just trying to remember the details.
I do know that there was a similar issue that was fixed.. It's possible it snuck back in or that it's something else.
Can you elaborate what you mean by "on multi screen"?
Do other full screen/workspace captures in SC work properly?


thanks for your reply.
I still have the problem.

By multiscreen, i mean i work with the screen of the surface, and 2 other screens (1 cabled on the dock and otherone with the minidisplayport of the surface).

I have the problem too if i use the screen of the surface alone (no dock).

The only way i found to make a screenshot without the zooming effect is to deselect the option "Hide Screenshot captor window".
As it keeps on screen the SC window, i don't have the problem ... curious !!

Thanks for help.



some news about my problem.
I found that if i go to "RIGHT CLICK" --> "Screen Resolution" --> "make text and other smaller or larger items" and i reduce to the smallest ... the problem has gone.... but, all things on the surface screen is too small :(
If i increase one step to the right, i have the problem on SC (except if i deselect "Hide Screenshot captor window option)

Resolution of the surface screen : 2160 x 1440
Resolution of the other screens : 1900 x 1200

Is it possible to manage this effect in SC ?



We do need to get this fixed -- there is no reason it should be happening.
You're using the latest version of SC, right?

What I wish I knew is if this is that old problem that came back or something different..


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