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Can't Get a Border on Captured Shots


In Preferences > Post-Capture Options, I have checked "Add Border to Image" > Apply > Accept
but no borders appear on my subsequently captured images
Also, in Special Effects Options, I have black for Color and 2 for Width and "Simple Outside" for Default Border Type

What should I do to cause all captured screenshot images to have a border around them?

Hmm it's working here..
I wonder.. Let me ask, are you using the "Post Capture Pop-up Dialog" mode where it shows you a preview and asks you what you want to do after every capture?  The border won't be shown in that dialog.
If so, what are you selecting to do with the image at that point?

Yes, I'm using "Post Capture Pop-up Dialog" . . I then "Save as" and give it a name.
But when I open the jpg file, there's no border  :huh:

You are right.. looks like the SaveAs is not applying the post capture effects -- at least not the border one but probably none of the others.
I'll put it on my bug fix list.

Thanks! Looking forward to the solution :Thmbsup:


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