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Quick Capture Bar behavior



perhaps I'm just blind but as far as I know the Quick Capture Bar should, in docked mode, slide e.g. upwards until just a small part of it stays visible.  :wallbash:

But it doesn't ...

Is there a restriction on Windows 7 x64 with Aero? Or is there a hidden option I don't see?  :-[

The version I use is the current 4.9.1.

Asking greetings

Reiner / Ray

It should definitely slide out of the way as long as its docked to the top of the screen.
Is your docked and not sliding out of the way, or not even docking?

It is definitely docking but not sliding.  :(

O.k. I found it. I moved the Quick Capture Bar from the middle of the screen some inches to the right. And by doing that it does not slide any more just it does in the default position in the middle of the screen.  :-[


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