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Pre-review Discussion for Graphics Viewers Review

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great to hear that nudone has agreed to do this review, let's all give him as much help as possible by helping to identify programs, features, weaknesses, etc.

I've always liked ThumbsPlus, and i've tried AcdSee a couple times and got turned off it when it stalled in the middle of an uninstall once and left garbage all over my registry and stuff.  but i heard its gotten better.  thumbsplus seemed less busy to me and easier to concentrate on.

When I don't have ACDSee open, there is no other application related to it running.  And if you don't want to use the database, just go to the Database menu and exclude everything.
-Scott (June 17, 2005, 03:57 PM)
--- End quote ---
Fair enough, what I mean is if I don't want to use the database feature then I would like to switch it off. It's my preference for running things as lean as possible. Does that include thumbnails?

Yes, excluding a directory from the database prevents thumbnails from being stored, too.  I like running "lean" also, but it's always a trade-off between leanness and features.

anyone want to suggest a few more programs to review before i go off and start searching for such things. probably makes more sense if you've used the graphic viewer and thought it a good product...

XnView was pretty good, for freeware.  I used it briefly.  It can't compete with the better packages, though.  There was one other freebie I tried--it had a stupid name I can't remember--but it was also pretty good (maybe better than XnView).  If you happen to care, I'll get off my ass and find out what it was.  :)


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