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which phone?

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When choosing between those 2 phones, I would go for the Lumia. Because of the (Lumia only) Nokia software, which is great, and the MS promise that they will offer an upgrade to Windows 10 for all Lumia phones that run Windows Phone 8.

In case you do get a Lumia, you would better go for the 835 than the 830. In the lower classes of the series Nokia reduced the amount of RAM in the successors. For example the 520 had 1GByte of RAM, the 530 had 512KByte of RAM. Now Microsoft comes with the 535 and it is back at 1GByte again.

I don't know if Nokia did something like that to the 830, but if they did, then MS fixed this in the 835 model.

Stoic Joker:
I've had a Nokia Lumia 928 for the last year or so and have been quite happy with it.

I'm a huge Android fan, but I have to cast my vote against the LG G3. We really don't need a 4K display on a smart phone yet. There's hardly any content that takes advantage of the higher resolution and it is a needless drain on your battery.

In case you do get a Lumia, you would better go for the 835 than the 830.-Shades (December 11, 2014, 06:19 AM)
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the 835 isn't available here (Oz), but while the 830 specs are generally acknowledged as being a little behind the current 'standards' they appear to be more than adequate

re the G3, I'd be interested in some sensible feedback on battery life (I very much like the look of this handset).  Most reviewers seem to think that 1 day is acceptable (personally I think that's pathetic, but what do I know) .  FWIW I generally wind everything back as far as I can to stretch the battery as far as possible

Probably not of interest to you, but you can spend Bitcoin on Windows Phone now.


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