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which phone?

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It's come around time for me to refresh my existing (android) mobile handset and I'm tossing up whether or not to dabble with a windows phone

I've read lots of reviews and I'm really no closer to a decision so I'm canvassing for some 'real world' advice

Anyone here had a foot in both the windows and android camps care to chip in?

Mostly depends on the requirements you have for your apps and if you need to move over data from your old phone.
If you want a simple to use phone and don't want to pull out the big cash for an iPhone, get Windows Phone, if you need to do a little more complicated stuff, get an Android.

For dabbling you could always buy a cheap Windows Phone model with a prepaid card, for real world use (by a technically inclined person) I (still) think Android is the best solution.

The Lumia 520 I have is a decent phone...comes with a lot of software and offline map and has 1 GByte of RAM + 16GByte of storage capacity (half of it is already taken up by the OS and pre-installed software).

If your needs don't go much further than those functionalities that software provides you have a good phone. If you want to control your media set remotely with your phone...then don't. Not that many games are available either. But recently Microsoft announced that every Lumia phone that is capable of running Windows Phone 8 will get an upgrade to Windows 10 for free.

Bought mine here (without any plan) from a guy who tried it for a few days and didn't like it for 500.000 Gs which roughly translates in 125 USD, the official price here is still 800.000 Gs, which is close to 200 USD. If you live in Western-Europe or the US, Windows phones (new) can be had for less.

If you get a Lumia that won't break the bank, get the Lumia 535, not the Lumia 530! Spend a bit more to get the Lumia 935, which comes with a camera that isn't too afraid of the dark anymore.

Sure hope they make the 'Project my screen' app work a lot better soon...that app projects the screen of your Windows phone to your desktop, giving you full control over your phone from your PC. 'WhatsApp'-ing with your PC keyboard and mouse is a major improvement.

You may want to check out this.

I used Windows Phone for a couple years, starting with WP7 through Cortana. I am presently using Android. I enjoyed using/having a windows phone more than Android. It's a far more consistent, streamlined and intuitive experience.

Honestly, I do not like Android. I don't care for it. It's a convoluted mess of Vendor, OS, and everything inbetween. It is loaded with apps I don't want that I cannot install. As an ecosystem, Android brings me no joy. . . but I wouldn't trade it for Windows Phone today, because Android Just Works, with everything, pretty much all the time. A new service, app or device comes out, it works with Android. Windows Phone, you have to beg, wait, and hope support comes along. And when it does, it's usually half-baked.

Long story short -- I prefer the Windows Phone OS, but you can do a lot more with Android.


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