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I bought my lifetime license for Outpost Security Suite on January 31, 2009 for version 6.5. The program is now up to version 9.1 and I'm still enjoying free updates. I paid $50 flat for a lifetime 3-PC license. I was second-guessing myself at the time, but looking back now I think it's one of the best software investments I've ever made.

I'm always interested so I looked at the Outpost link. Is it not concerning that the free version is three and a half years old so far?

Product Profile
Release date: April 4, 2011
Version: 7.1.1 (3431.520.1248)

I'm a huge fan of Agnitum's (didn't used to be), but yes....three and half years is a lifetime in the security software market. I'm sure signature updates are frequent, but there's only so much that can be done when the engine is that old. Some new threats can only be thwarted with an engine update.

Joe Hone:
I have lifetime licenses to WinPatrol, Malwarebytes Pro and Outpost Security suite - all running on 3 PCs because all came with 3 PC licenses. Outpost is the most active in providing protection, routinely stops trojans Malwarebytes doesn't detect, and nearly 100% of the time when WinPatrol gives a warning Outpost has already alerted to the same issue. Because Outpost works so well I just turn on Malwarebytes from time to time to run sweeps as an added security precaution, but if I was going with just one, Outpost is the most complete, especially when considering its excellent firewall. I bought a new PC yesterday, activated my licenses to WinPatrol and Outpost before doing anything else and as I installed software I need Outpost notified me each time a program was communicating with a host for setup purposes, something you don't get with most antivirus programs. I'm pretty confident in it.

And for the Pro they list 2 years, 3-PCs for $60.  I would prefer 1 year at $30 :).-Steven Avery (December 10, 2014, 05:12 AM)
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Steven, opportunity knocks. That same $60 will buy a lifetime license for 3 PCs. Offer expires at the end of the year. Use the software two years and you will have reached your $30/year price point. Everything after that will be gravy.


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