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antivirus and web defense

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Steven Avery:

Yes, I got close to uninstall. However, since those are two cousin firewalls clashing when only one should be up, and the reboot was smooth allowing me to browse and read about the problem, I was patient.  So far, so good, now I am posting on the Webroot forum.

I've been very happy (so far) with BitDefender. I've got it deployed as the site standard for several clients as their secondary line of defence. (The first line will always be to use your head.) To date there have been zero infections or complaints about performance. But I could have said the same thing about Avast and Kapersky at one time or another, so take this for what it's worth.

Luck! :Thmbsup:

Outpost I have that early free firewall edition, discontinued, on one puter at work, which is ok. They don't have a particularly strong anti-virus reputation, However, if Webroot does not come through, I might give them a try.-Steven Avery (December 08, 2014, 05:35 AM)
--- End quote ---

Not having a particularly strong anti-virus reputation is not valid these days. That may have been true some years ago, but they have stepped up their game and earning no less than eight VB100 awards in a row.

Steven Avery:

So I have three major alternatives that I like, moving ahead.


Outpost Security Suite Free

This is totally free and does not seem to be missing functionality in the free version.
And for the Pro they list 2 years, 3-PCs for $60.  I would prefer 1 year at $30 :).


Webroot SecureAnywhere Internet Security Complete
(especially with the special above)


Free Antivirus (e.g. Avast! Avira AVG)
combined with free firewall (e.g. Online Armor)

My problem here is not having warm comfy feelings on the AV side.
Generally, I do like layering with more than one company involved in security.


There are other specials, BitDefender runs some, but I found their auto-renewal policy to be a mess.
However, with a special, they may be in the mix, with caution.


All these methods should have some reasonable amount of HIPS involved connected to the AV side. Generally there is some augmentation on HIPS and Web, and the startup like WinPatrol. Some that I am checking now are AppGuard, VoodooShield (don't like the name) and the Policeman add-on for Firefox.  However, then we get into 100 more security products. The first two are not free and afaik do not have super license deals.

Another player who apparently has real deals is Dr. Web.  However there are about a dozen solid players in the Suite biz.

Your thoughts,
Steven Avery

For Outpost Security Suite, if you're lucky they may run another lifetime license deal at the end of the year, (3 PC lifetime license for the cost of a single year) - they've had two that I know of in the last few years.


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