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NANY 2015 Entry: SedTester

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NANY 2015 Entry Information
Application Name SedTester Version Short Description Paste some text, type a sed statement, and see the to be expected output Supported OSes Windows XP+, Linux Web Page SedTester Download Link Download from the SedTester DC Member page System Requirements
* Windows Operating System (XP or newer)
* .NET 4.0 Client profile (or better/newer)or:

* Linux (recent versions)
* MONO (recent edition)Version History
* 2015-01-03

* Changes for MONO compatibility (verified using MoMA and by testing on Linux)

* Improved P/Invoke declarations (int -> uint)
* Disabled single-instance feature on MONO for now as it doesn't like it much
* Tested with latest MONO on Linux Mint 17.1 Cinnamon, not all is well:

* Checkbox RightToLeft feature doesn't seem to work (Could be a Cinnamon issue)
* Application- and Window-icon don't show (MONO known issue)
* Sizing issues fixed on all systems (Windows 100%, Windows 125%, Linux)
* Fixed errorhandling when sed(.exe) can not be found
* Remove ending newlines from resultText after taking output from sed
* Remove \r from sourceText before sending as input to sed
* Added 2015 to Copyright statement
* 2014-12-31

* Fixed some layout issues (WinForms obviously doesn't really like switching normal/large font settings)
* 2014-12-31

* Added 'Explained' panel, giving a description of the entire expression/script
* Added 'SED script' panel (toggled)
* Changed input and panels font to Lucida Console for more 'terminal-like' look with better readability
* Changed to create a temporary file and use -f option for multi-line script
* Improved visibility of split-sizers
* Added link to home-page
* Changed initial window startup location to screen-center
* Improved Save/Restore settings
* Many small improvementsPre-releases
* 2014-12-07

* Fixed some display issues on Large Fonts systems (laptops with Full-HD screens...)
* Handling of multiple-line input text improved
* Minor display issue improved
* 2014-12-07

* Initial pre-release for NANY 2015
Author Ath

This application is written after a request from steeladept in the 'Ideas wanted' thread for NANY 2015.
The request was to have a simple tester for sed expressions on a piece of text supplied to it.

Show the result of a sed expression on a piece of text
Show the explanation of a sed expression
Optional SED script panel
Auto-updates the result, unless the Autocheck option is turned off
Saves options on exit
Store/remove sed expressions

Planned Features

* Compatibility with MONO so it can be run on Linux (GUI) (Since v1.0.1.0)
* Multi-expression mode (Available since v1.0.0.0)
* Color the differences between input text and result text
* Expression Explanation panel (Available since v1.0.0.0)

SED expression mode:
NANY 2015 Entry: SedTester

SED script mode:
NANY 2015 Entry: SedTester

SED script mode (Linux Mint 17.1 Cinnamon):
NANY 2015 Entry: SedTester

Unzip the downloaded zip-file in a directory.
The zip-file contains both SedTester.exe and a Windows-compiled version of GNU sed.exe that is spawned by SedTester for getting the result. It needs to be in the current directory or in the Windows path.
On Linux sed.exe can be removed or not extracted, as it won't be usable/used anyway.

Using the Application
Start SedTester.exe (On Linux: run using MONO)
Type or paste some input text
Type a sed expression (or select from the combobox if some are added already)
or Switch to SED script mode using the checkbox and write or paste a script to be executed (most examples from the sed online manual are tested)
Wait a second and it is auto-checked into the result text (when Autocheck is enabled)

Remove the 2 .exe files, and optionally the auto-created settings.xml, from the directory

Known Issues
On Linux/MONO (tested using the Cinnamon desktop) 2 CheckBoxes don't adhere to the RightToLeft setting...
On Linux/MONO the Application- and Window-icon don't show (MONO known issue)


Thanks.  Now I have to relearn sed to use it.  :)

I've uploaded an improved version, fixing mostly issues with multi-line input text and some display-anomalies when used on a Large-Font setting with Windows (default 125% for laptops with Full-HD displays)

Compatibility with MONO so it can be run on Linux (GUI)
-Ath (December 07, 2014, 08:45 AM)
--- End quote ---

Interested in trying this out if it comes to pass :)

On a side note, do you already have plans for displaying some sed docs or links to docs?

There is a link to the GNU sed-docs on the bottom of the screen, displaying an expression-breakdown is something quite ambitious that I didn't dare to put it in the Planned features list yet :-[


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