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Folder Node does not like spaces in filenames

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It will list all existing files, but upon clicking opens only those without spaces in the name.

No big deal, I can simply Ctrl click to open the containing folder. But it were more comfortable not having to take this detour.

Thanks i will fix.

Question -- is it having trouble opening files with spaces in the name or only files that have spaces at the BEGINNING or END of their filename?

In the middle of file names, the blanks between words. Replacing them with underscores solves the problem, but that has repurcussions on other programs that depend on these files.

Not something I could not live with, just wanted to mention it. If you can fix it easily, great, if not, I'll keep opening their parent folder.

Spaces in the middle of file names should not cause any problems for LBC and that is a bug that needs to be fixed asap.
Problem is I am having a hard time reproducing the issue.
Any way you could help me reproduce the issue or any other clues?

I'm updating a beta release with bugfixes here:


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