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FARR child startup entries in Windows 8.1


I noticed that under the Startup tab there are few item listed under the FARR entry (see screenshots).

I vaguely recall that a long time ago I tried to launch these programs with FARR or something, but the details are a little fuzzy on me now, and I don't find any indication of this in FARR's settings.
Also, although the entries are listed, the actual programs are not launched.

I'm using FARR v2.213.01 Portable

Any hints about why these entries are there so I could remove them?

Thank you

How strange.. i don't know why those are being listed in the Startup tab.. It sounds like the Task Manager got confused.

I just downloaded another copy of FARR portable, and now it is listed as expected (single process) in the Task Manager.
I might copy my existing settings just to check if it changes anything.

Update: I copied the settings ini file to the new FARR folder, and FARR is displayed as a single entry in the Startup tab of the Task Manager.
I have not clue what went wrong, but everything is working fine now.

Thank you.


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