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farrfox preferred format for bookmarks.html?


For a while now my firefox bookmarks all create double entries in farrfox (each bookmark in bookmarks.html shows up twice in the farrfox results list).

Any idea what format farrfox prefers for the contents of bookmarks.html?

I tried FFBookmarkUnpacker (found in the dc forum) but a good half or so of my bookmarks don't get unpacked.  I also would rather not have all of my bookmarks showing up in all farr searches.  I like telling farr when it is I want to search only my bookmarks (by invoking farrfox).

I can code, and I should be able to parse through bookmarks.html and write out any alternative format.

Thanks for any help or suggestions!

my guess is that its finding 2 separate copies of the bookmarks file.. check options maybe to see where it's looking?

I am not worthy Mouser! 

I had 'firefox bookmarks' checked AND I added the path manually. ;(

All fixed up and batting 1,000% again!  Thank you!



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