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Extremely simple and minimal sticky notes for windows

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Windows built in sticky notes application is minimal but it likes to keep itself on task bar. I keep my desktop literally clean so there is nothing but beautiful wallpaper. There are a lot of sticky notes applications out there but they offer bulk of functions, when you right click it pops up a huge list of options.
Even if it offers font styling etc it should keep those options hidden from the view, keyboard shortcuts are there for that.

Is there any simple sticky notes application with which I stick notes on desktop with just a click and does NOT have that huge bulk of options? Simple stuff just works.

These are some bulky sticky notes. I feel tangled.

even google image search for simple sticky notes

Years ago on Win2K, I used a pretty simple one called ATnotes. It has been discontinued since 2005 by the looks of it, but it may still work.

If you do not need them visible on your desktop at all times, you could also consider something like CintaNotes, which is more of a minimalistic note manager with search and clipping.

I want them to be visible on desktop. I just don't want that extra load of features and options. I want simple notes that stick, not MS Office.

ATNotes is light on desktop but gives list of things like alarm, layout, folder and other stuff. It is tangled.

Also I found digiNotes that is kind of minimal

PNotes is overloaded with features but... once you have set everything ... you may forget it's there.  At least I forget it's there.  ;D

I just double click the tray icon to open just the stickies.



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