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Display jumplist live views in a new window



Since Win 7 we have jumplists for items on the taskbar. If you hover over one, you see a small live window of what's currently inside the window that belongs to this jumplist. This also works for videos and the speed and quality is rather good. If you have several e.g. videos playing (with the same player in a different instance) hovering over one of these task bar entries will show the live view for _all_ of the them^^

I'm looking for an application that is able to to generate these live views and put them together in a new window (if possible: without scroll bars).

It would be nice if we could arrange the order of it's entries and display them either in a horizontal or vertical way.

Two screenshots:
- One live view for a video player (hovering over it's taskbar entry)
- Arranged vertically

Is anyone able to code this?


Contro mentioned OnTopReplica in this thread.

While is doesn't automatically create the windows from the jumplist it does display a realtime thumbnail of any window you choose and can be run multiple times for multiple windows.

Perhaps someone might be able to make a wrapper that would grab a jumplist and call OnTopReplica with the window handles, putting the resultant windows within a boundary area.

Thank you, 4wd!

I didn't know that an utility like this already exists. OnTopReplica is absolutely sufficient, I can write a wrapper for this by myself (AutoHotkey).

I can write a wrapper for this by myself (AutoHotkey).-highend01 (December 06, 2014, 03:04 AM)
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Hope we get to see the results  ;)


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