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Display bug (WIN95)

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Just joined - so don't know the protocol yet - will try blundering through ...

Have just downloaded Random MixTape as it promises to be just what I'm looking for.  Bummer - some of the program window is off the screen and refuses to re-size.
Am running WIN95b - which is probably a lot to do with it.

Hope there's an easy fix.


Carol Haynes:
Welcome - can't help with the problem but am impressed that there is anyone out there still using Windows 95 !!!

wow, windows 95! :)

well, i do not have a win95 machine to debug on, but let me ask: what is your screen resolution set to?

here's why i ask (and what i'm thinking may be the problem)

if you have your resolution at 800 x 600 then not only will will this app take up your entire screen, but you won't be able to resize it. it's not a bug. this app is set with a minimum window size of 810 x 710 and should be used with a resolution size of at least 1024 x 768. i could allow this to be resized down even more, but then certain options would undoubtedly be covered up in the process.

if this doesn't cover your problem, let me know

it might be nice to get the min size down to 800x600 if possible..

no problem i'll just redesign the gui :)


no, seriously, it's a good and valid suggestion and something that i should've thought of before since a lot of ppl still, for one reason or another, use that resolution.

i'll see what i can do


ok, here try the attachment


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