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Looking for a good Android launcher

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I'm in search of a new launcher for my android phone. I'm looking for some specific things in this launcher.
1.I'd like the app tray to be organized in folders kind of like how they are organized in the aviate launcher.
2.I'd like to have a global search option like in the everythingme launcher. (start typing and it searches for music, contacts, apps, etc.)
3.Not a deal breaker by any means (and really don't expect to have this feature), but I would like to be able to place an app on my homescreen, and then swipe up from the app, and display a widget like in the action launcher.
App tray(Aviate launcher)App search(everythingme launcher)(BONUS)Swipe up widgets(action launcher)
I kind of like everythingme, because of it's smart folders on the desktop (the wallpaper changes to the subject of the folder), but it auto populates the folders, so I won't be able to remember which folder my apps are in. (though, I guess that is fixable by using the find feature, and just start typing in the name of the app)

As an alternative to the above features, does anyone know of any fancy launchers with cool features? I have a note 4, so my phone should be able to handle all the bells and whistles of the launcher.

It may be considered old and boring these days, but I still have Nova Launcher Prime as my go-to. Support for Google Now, folders on both the home screen and in the app drawer, tabs in the app drawer, gestures, support for 'unread' badges, and alternate swipe actions for icons on the dock all make it perfect for me. It's lack of a global search (only offers search in the app drawer) is alleviated by my owning a Samsung device and its very capable S Finder.

Doesn't hurt either that I was able to pick up Nova Launcher Prime for a quarter (or was it a dime?) on a Google app sale. :)

I completly forgot about S Finder. I've never actually used it. I'll have to look at nova launcher. the tabbed app drawer sounds interesting.

I was loving the free version. The scrolling dock was awesome, and I can put 1x1 widgets in it. The only downside, is I was forced to buy the prime version to get the tabs in the app drawer. But for me, the $4 I payed was worth it just to have tabs and the app drawer displayed in list mode alone. I also like how I can remap the home button to launch S Finder from the primary homescreen. Might have found my new favorite launcher! :Thmbsup:

I used Nova launcher for years and it is very nice and customizable, but I switched to Smart Launcher because I liked the much more simplistic UI. It's still quite sleek, and the app drawer is categorized.

I don't think it does all you mention, but might be worth a look :Thmbsup:.


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