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A couple games to giveaway: Insurgency (Steam) and Witcher 2 (gog)

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I have a couple keys to give away for some games:

  - Insurgency (Steam): I don't know much about this game - got some keys in a Humble Bundle that I'm supposed to give away

  - Witcher 2 (gog): I got a free key in their recent sale's giveaway, and I already have the game in my library. I imagine that almost anyone who might be interested in the game has one already (since they were being given away quite recently), but I figure there might be someone who missed out for whatever reason.

PM me if you're interested in either or both.

I have some insurgency to give away also.  I was going to just post the link here, but thought better of it.  PM me if you're interested.

I could go for some insurgency

I could go for some insurgency
-p3lb0x (December 03, 2014, 04:49 PM)
--- End quote ---


I would really appreciate one  :-[


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