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Best Linux Distro for Windows HDD recovery

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i haven't used hirems all that much, so i cannot answer your question, Milesahead

it seems to be highly rated.

If the BIOS can see the HDD, I'd also try Testdisk from within Windows - it may or may not see the HDD, if it does you can recover almost every file off of it.

The Testdisk site also has a list of recovery LiveCDs.

For Windows systems I prefer using [url=]Hiren's BootCD.
-40hz (December 02, 2014, 01:17 PM)
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Does it support UEFI secure boot GPT etc?  I'm reading at the home page now but I thought I'd ask you also since I suspect you know quite a bit about it.  :)
-MilesAhead (December 02, 2014, 06:48 PM)
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It does not have support for EFI out of the box AFAIK.

There are supposedly workarounds for it. And (fortunately) I have yet to need them. But I also haven't run into an issue with an EFI system - nor do I own one. So I have no way of testing or speaking with assurance on anything I've read when it comes to that.

Anybody out there have any real-world experience with any of this?

4wd, I used BootMed which has TestDisk to recover the files today.  thanks for the link of live cds.  i will look at them.

MilesAhead,look at this one for UEFI.  alt linux


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