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Raspberry Pi project: wireless file server

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Re. BTSync, having used it across both LAN and Internet I'd say it's fine if you only want to sync up to a couple of thousand files total.  I uninstalled it after using it for 12+ months because for 30,000+ files it was more annoying than it was worth.
-4wd (December 05, 2014, 08:58 PM)
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What was the problem? Was it the sheer number of files or was it more to do with them being interspersed all over your hard drive?

Sheer number of files, it spent a lot of time indexing when the computer powered up, (why? nothing is likely to have changed when it was powered down), generated an inordinate amount of HDD activity when the drives should of been sleeping, it also used a lot of CPU while doing it.

And we're talking across more than one drive per machine.

Since most of the time I had it set for one-way syncing, I just use SyncBack now, it runs once a day and doesn't generate all the extra activity and is sufficient for my needs.

If I had been able to set a time frame in which it operated then it probably would have been more useful to me.

4wd, I've never used btsync for such large folders!  Good to know that's probably not a good idea.  I'd probably use syncovery for something like that.

I got that ravpower unit, and had a few minutes to play with it last night.  Couldn't do anything with it yet, so we'll see.  There was a weird moment...I plugged in a tiny usb drive into it, and left it on my lap while reading the manual.  The usb drive is made of aluminum.  In a few minutes, it got crazy hot!  So hot, i couldn't even touch for hardly a second even.  That was crazy.  I unplugged it.  Hopefully, nothing is burnt on the ravpower.  I seem to remember something being wrong with that drive.

What I'm looking forward to is trying the Samba capabilities of that thing.

I hate to tell you, that wasn't a USB drive you plugged in ... that was one of these.


I have now been able to play with the Ravpower WD-02 wifi device.  It's pretty cool!  I put a microsd card in there, so I have plenty of storage.  On my tablet, I switch the wifi connection to the device, and I can access the storage wirelessly.  I can do the same with my android phone.  The only problem is that because you are using the wifi connection, you can't use the drive AND have internet access at the same time.  It's one or the other.

This is why I'm using a program called NetSetMan to manage the wifi connections more conveniently.  I can switch back and forth more quickly than with Windows default manager.  It would be nice to figure out a way to get both the internet and drive connected simultaneously, but I think that is not possible.

However, it may possibly free me from using a thumbdrive without resorting to cloud sync services.  We'll see.


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