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My 1-year Facebook Death-a-versary!!!

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1 year ago today I killed myself off on Facebook and stopped posting entirely. No posts. No likes. No nothing. (I have been tempted, but have successfully resisted.)

I'm wondering if I should do a zombie post...

Arrr... BRAINS!
--- End quote ---

Meh... maybe not.

I decided that I'm sick of the massive privacy intrusion and that I wouldn't cooperate any longer with it.

I'm not a product, and won't be sold as one.

I don't need "free" services or products. I'd rather just pay for them upfront.

I don't hate Facebook, but I just won't play that game.

Thank you for listening/reading. 8)

Feel free to join me & the virtual undead by posting your own FB obituary. ;)

I'm wondering if I should do a zombie post...
-Renegade (December 01, 2014, 06:37 AM)
--- End quote ---

Only if you miss being there.

 Sorry...couldn't resist > :P


( "FB Ryan died a horrible and tragic death." )

( This post has 267,356 Likes )


I haven't 'killed' myself on FB for one reason.  Games.  I play two games on FB, that are only available through the FB platform.  Every once in a while I get sucked back into looking at posts... but if those games weren't there, I would have faded away.  A FB Ghost :)

I admire those who are not on facebook.  It's something I want to do, but certain friends of mine were kind of offended when I said I'd remove myself because they use it to keep in touch with me and it's more convenient this way (they have somewhat hectic situations).  So for that reason, I am staying on.


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