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Watercolorbot - $300 watercolor painting printer

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This looks pretty amazing to me:

"Starting with vector artwork on your computer — or following along as you sketch in real time — the WaterColorBot dips its brush in water, goes and gets the right color of paint, and paints before your eyes... While earlier versions of the WaterColorBot came as a kit (with some assembly required), the WaterColorBot 2.0 comes assembled, tested, and ready to use. It also comes with a starter set of watercolor paints, paper, and a brush. Please see the FAQ below for a more detailed list of the kit contents."

sounds/looks like good fun:

I'd nearly prefer the assembly version myself

Awesome; you don't have to buy printer ink!
(And you can substitute any logically workable substance in place of paper or water colors).  ;D

I so want one of these. :Thmbsup:

What would be nice is to give this thing a video camera so it can see what it is painting and adjust based on that.


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