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ebay snipping

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is there a reliable, easy to use, secure way to snip an ebay auction?

set it to place a specific bid, specific seconds before end?

I found some, but they ask me for my ebay login info! isn't this dubious?

if it is free, that would be best!


If you don't give the online service or a pc-based program your login details how do you expect it to bid on your behalf?

I use Gixen occasionally but it won't work if you use two-factor authentication - I don't expect any of them would.

what is two factor authentication and how can I know if I use it?


If you only use a username and password to log in then you don't use TFA.

Shopper Tools (mentions Gixen)

I use - on the odd occasion when I use it - freeware Biet-O-Matic (Bid-O-Matic).


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