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Ludum Dare 31: December 5th-8th, 2014

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Ludum Dare 31 is almost upon us. Just 10 days left until it begins!

This thread can be used for any and all discussion regarding the event and the games entered into the competition/jam. I'm also planning on participating, so I'll also be posting about my experience and my entry here as well.

For now, the Theme Slaughtering is happening. Go ahead and vote on the themes, if you'd like.

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Theme voting has begun!

Ludum Dare 31 starts in about 25 minutes.

I'll be streaming my development off and on over the next few days, so you might be able to catch me on (especially Saturday and Monday).

Phew! It's over. I submitted my entry a little over 2 hours ago and have just returned from a celebration breakfast/dinner (breakfunner) at IHOP.

I had a bit of a harder time with this one than previous ones, but I still had a finished game by the end of it, so it's a success. If anyone wants to see the game I made, you can find it here:

And you can browse all LD31 entries on here:

More of my LD explorations!

First up:
A Phoenix Easy hysterical parody of beginner computer users!

Escape Character

Bug notes from the site:
I am so sorry if you experience difficulty clicking on things. It appears to be related to frame rate, and I did not know this since I only tested on my own machine. =( Thanks for your patience!

Web players, press Escape if you want control of your mouse back. Don't worry if you don't see it, it's still there, just invisible when over the game area.

My tip:
If it's not already easy enough, when you get to the smash-things stage, there's no AI - just pool table geometry. So there's lots of safe strategies rather than frantically jockeying in the middle of the screen.

Trivia: That clock in the bottom right seems to be actually dynamic close to realtime.


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