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Need help with an e-book I purchased



I am new to this software but did read the forum a bit and also watch the videos.  I still am not able to get this to work for an e-book that I've purchased.  It looks like it's using Adobe Flash to display it, and it displays page by page (no scrolling); the way to move to the next page is to mouse-click on an arrow, or use the right-arrow key.  So, I tried using the scrolling capture feature of this software and told it to simulate keypress (left/right), but it doesn't do anything.  Is there any way to do this without having to change pages manually?

Thanks so much!

hi boomba212,
I'd say the best route would be manual scrolling:

* begin a scrolling capture (and select the scrolling option)
* on the next dialogue window, you get the option to "Let me manually scroll the window"
* on the next dialogue, select horizontal content, and follow the instructions
No guarantees though ;-)


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