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2014-2015: Best tablet specs for ebook reading

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The pain in my eyes convinced me to order one...

Not noticing xtabber's informative posts had nothing to do with my eye pain ;)

Forgot to mention that it was only close to checkout that I realized there is an additional (close to) USD 70 tax involved...

FWIW, someone on the mobileread forums claims to have gotten a refurbished one for around USD 600 via:

( see )

please tell us how it is when you get it!

Sure -- may be a few weeks before I get to interact with it though :)

I shouldn't just say that I'm looking for a tablet for e-book reading.  What I should say is that I'm looking for a tablet to read full-page-at-a-time textbooks and 8.x5x11 pdf journal articles.
-mouser (November 25, 2014, 04:34 PM)
--- End quote ---

This might become a possibility soon: for PDFs, combining the forthcoming ASUS Chromebook Flip with Notable PDF Viewer and Annotation App to read in tablet mode. For ebooks there is Play Books or Kindle Cloud Reader (and possibly others).

The advantages of this option would be that one could quickly switch between reading and annotating mode by simply unfolding the device and using the keyboard. And with Notable PDF the notes would be instantly synced across devices and platforms.

And it would be a multi-purpose device (tablet alternative), as it is of course a fully functional Chromebook.

The downside is that in Notable PDF you can't (yet?) change the colour scheme for the background and the fonts (although the brightness can be controlled via the Chromebook).

But with Play Books (as it is run in the Chrome browser) it is possible to use some dark or night styles with the Stylish for Chrome extension, as a workaround to make it easier on the eyes.

P.S. I also just realised today that in Play Books it's possible to select viewing the scanned version of the ebook, thus having a PDF-like experience, and seeing the actual page numbers, which are important in some cases (such as academic work).


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