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2014-2015: Best tablet specs for ebook reading

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I just purchased a Nook to replace the one that my e-ink screen went out on- Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook.  The price was good.. it reads standard epubs and comes with something that reads PDFs.  It's apparently (from a co-worker taking a look) pretty standard android with a few widgets for the homescreen, and a change of the lower right button to activate the nook app.

I'm pretty happy with it... though some reviews say that the processor is laggy, I've never noticed it.  They have a 10" one also, but that's a bit larger for me.

It's 7" LCD Display, 1280x800, 216 ppi - from

I'd recommend it from my use.

Wraith reminds me that I forgot to state a very important aspect here.

I shouldn't just say that I'm looking for a tablet for e-book reading.  What I should say is that I'm looking for a tablet to read full-page-at-a-time textbooks and 8.x5x11 pdf journal articles.

If one is reading a novel, the size of the screen is not very significant -- it doesn't matter how much info fits on a page and it's not important for the physical book pages correspond to ebook pages.

But I am interested in a device for reading pdf papers which can show and let you comfortably read a page at a time from a pdf article, without scrolling.

Ah.. that does change the landscape.  I use my iPad for things like that... so I can't be of help, unfortunately.

So I was recently gifted a 10 inch tablet (samsung galaxy tab 4 10.1 nook model), and i think it is big enough for pretty comfortable reading of letter page sized pdfs.  The 13" tablets would be even better of course, but the high-quality 10" screen does seem to be a reasonable solution, and good enough to perhaps try to move completely away from paper books.  Especially in light of ewemoa's valid point about weight being a concern -- you might not think you will care but if you're trying to walk around and read it on the go you soon will care about weight.

One interesting factor which most people would never think about, but has a great influence on the experience IMO, is aspect ratio. The iPad's slightly wider aspect ratio is a lot better for reading. When you're dealing with smaller tablets, there are at least 1 or 2  decent Android options with the same size and shape as the iPad Mini. However, I'm not aware of any larger tablets comparable to the regular iPad.

It creates quite a dilemma for someone like me who won't even consider buying an iPad, but there's no doubt in my mind that the size and shape combination of the iPad is as close to ideal for reading, including web pages, as there is on the market.


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