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2014-2015: Best tablet specs for ebook reading

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Back in 2010 we had a discussion about large format ebook readers..  Around then I picked up the since-discontinued Kindle DX which has a 9.7 screen.

It's almost 2015 and I think it's time to revisit the issue.  The easy-on-the-eyes e-ink approach seems to have lost out to the more general purpose led screens.

While the e-ink displays are easier on the eyes, the reality is simply that e-ink is dead for now.

The great news is that it looks like there are some non-name full page sized android tablets available for a couple hundred bucks if one is willing to give up cutting edge performance, etc..

I still find it a strugle to transition from physical books to ebooks, but every few years i try to do it again because of the numerous advantages of ebooks.

So, what I'm thinking of now is an android tablet that has a screen size of at least 13.3 inches (which is about a full size 8.5x11 page).

Several of these exist for a couple hundred dollars, and seem worthy candidates and affordable enough to be dedicated ebook readers.

The one issue that seems lacking in these 13.3 tablets that I've seen is that the only ones i can find are relatively low resolution (1200x800) which i think is a deal breaker.

Ideally I'd love to see a cheap 13.3 android tablet with a 1600x1080 resolution, or higher.

Any thoughts?  Anyone else looking forward to making the full switch to full-size ebook reading?

This 13.3 android tablet, Azpen 1320, and can be had for $170:

The only downside is, as I mentioned before, the low-resolution (1200x800).

is the low resolution an issue for a book?

for text (and probably line drawings and illustrations) I wouldn't have thought it was that big a deal

well i think it's a quality of life issue -- if you are trying to replace physical books, you don't want to be seeing jagged pixels in your fonts.

granted, but is this significant?  I'd understand if we were talking 640x480, but 1200 x 800 is comparable to my work laptop (1366x780) and I can't say I have any real issues (though I'm getting pretty blind in my old age)

Not arguing with you here, I've struggled with the e-book concept for a while now so I'm interested in the outcome


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