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looking for an adapter



the power cable that goes into my laptop is straight and because the slot for it is at the right of my laptop, it interferes with me moving my mouse

so, I am looking for an adapter that will have the shape of Γ so that I will be able to connect it without that annoyance

is there any?

the plug is a hollow rectangular, a bit larger than usb, with a single pin in it


It would be easier if you just told us the laptop model then we can look up the plug/socket photos/specs - and considering that the plug sounds like it's going to be some proprietary shape, you're probably going to be out of luck.

My suggestion is move your laptop and mouse further away from each other.

it's a lenovo yoga, without any other identification

Yes, proprietary plug, your best bet is going to be a replacement universal PSU with interchangeable right-angle tips, like this:

looking for an adapter

Along with an adapter plug like this:

looking for an adapter

Although, it's still going to stick out 30mm-50mm.

Wouldn't it be easier to just reroute the power cord behind the laptop?

Or move the mouse?

Or just keep searching the internet until you find a replacement universal PSU that has the required right-angle plug.


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