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Feature request: automatic OCR of captured images.

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@mouser: Could you consider this please?
Based on this: Inside Microsoft OCR Libraries.

- I would really like to see if CHS could accommodate this:
...Perform OCR on any text in images as they are clipped ...
-IainB (August 23, 2011, 07:51 PM)
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(i.e., similar to OneNote.)

- so that CHS would be able to do this with the captured images - i.e., just like with ordinary text capture clips:
...Look at this:
I have set up a child group in the CHS "tree" called "Auto-Tags". ...
-IainB (August 30, 2011, 11:02 AM)
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Ideally, it might be most useful if the OCR'd text was attached somehow to the image file in the database, say to the CHS "Clip Text" part of the clip, so it would be searchable and copyable within CHS.
Or - just thinking aloud - this might (say) imply saving such images as .JPG files with the OCR'd text saved/appended as Alternative Text(?) or to (say) the Caption field in the IPTC section of that file. The idea would be to also enable things like Windows Search and image management tools (e.g., Picasa) to pick up the OCR'd text, though I am unsure whether that would even be possible with Windows Search without some kind of iFilter (e.g., as is required to index/search for text in .TIFF files).

^ +1  :Thmbsup:

Hell yes, +1.  The only reason I keep SnagIt installed is for the "Text Grab" feature in v10. 
If CHS had OCR capabilities, it would blow that out of the water!

Thought I'd cross-post this relevant item from: Re: free ABBYY Screenshot Reader.
This relates to the above discussion and some separate discussions:
As a result of pursuing the idea of getting OCR data out of any text-containing images in my CHS database (per this request here: Feature request: automatic OCR of captured images.), I "Ducked" (DuckDuckgo) for things relevant to the subject, and happened upon this interesting post:
FREE OCR software: a survey of desktop and online tools -
Jun 18, 2013 By Priit 35 Comments
16. ABBYY Screenshot Reader
ABBYY Screenshot Reader is a screen capture software that can do screenshot OCR on the fly. Excellent recognition quality, amazing number of 160+ input languages can be selected, also multiple languages at a time. It can nicely handle data tables. ABBYY Screenshot Reader is reviewed here.

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Out of interest, I downloaded and installed the free ABBYY OCR clipping tool (it is now v9.0.0.1331) and then ran a comparison between it and OneNote's OCR clipping tool using an image containing a table.
The result? Very interesting. A hands-down win by the ABBYY tool:

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I've used ABBYY lots of times.   It's decent.  I finally got myself a copy of Acrobat XI  which has built in OCR.  Otherwise I'd still be using the ABBYY one.  fyi the ABBYY people have a product called PDF Transformer.  Every once in a while it appears as a freebie on the internets.  Has the same engines as the screenshot reader, I'm sure.


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