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MaskMe extension - PMI (Plus, Minus, Interesting)


I am very interested in the ideas put forward in The Online Privacy Blog re: How Adobe’s 2.9 million hacked users could have beaten the data breach
- and what they propose doing with the Firefox extension MaskMe:
A Password Manager That Protects Your Privacy
Create and manage secure passwords, and mask your email, phone, and credit card as you browse and shop on the web.

--- End quote ---

I would be interested in what he DCF members/brainstrust might make of this Firefox extension.

I'll start by suggesting that it seems like you would only have to trust this ONE thing to manage the others - a bit like "One ring to rule them all".
But is that one thing secure?
Is there anything else like this on the market (I haven't come across anything)?

MaskMe has been superseded by Blur - the free version of Blur, apparently, no longer lets you sync or backup across computers which reduces its usefulness now.

DoNotTrackMe is also being folded into Blur.


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