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URL Snooper and Windows 7 = still broke?

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Thanks for your response. I have. But having searched the forum i see now that there's a problem with wireless adapters. It used to work fine on my D-Link DWL-G510, but now i'm using MSI PC60G. So that's probably it.

Please try the new version (2.34.01) -- it may fix your problem.

Hi everybody here!
I install URL Snooper V 2.39.01 with key, and let start one two sites and no work? Calculate more frame but write have some link and NO one in Windows. 1500 packets received (2 buffered locally) When I check it? This two buffered?
Can any help me with advice: This site strong safety or I'm not write running this program? And what means two buttons: Pause/Resume and Pars1 in left corner of the window.
System is Windows7 86. >:(
I'd lake to insert link in my receiver OpenboxS6+HD


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