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NANY 2015 Release: WhenLast (Android app)

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Should I delete my playstore version while you're still testing, and load the APK that's referenced from the topmost post in this thread?-CWuestefeld (January 23, 2015, 09:26 AM)
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Assuming mouser uses the same package name (com.donationcoder.whenlast) for both APKs and signs the APKs with the same key, you should be able to install them over each other. No uninstall necessary.

Yes, they are same package name and signing key.

Regarding my previous post about Reminders vs Overdue..

First an example of how it *CURRENTLY* works:
Let's say you set an event like "change smoke detectors" and set a reminder/due value of 6 months.
Then after 6 months elapses since you performed the task, you will see an alarm/notification that the event is OVERDUE.
After a month the onscreen display will say something like "1 month overdue".

Im thinking of changing this behavior.. I think probably a more coherent view of this app is not for setting hard deadlines and due dates, but for keeping track of when the last time you did something was and how long it's been.
To that end, i'm thinking that a reminder should maybe not have any conception of a "due date".
So if you set a reminder at 6 months, then after 6 months you would get a notification/alarm that said something like "Change smoke detectors was last done 6 months ago".
And if you checked back a month after that it would say "7 months ago".

So, no notion of a DUE date, just always telling you how long it's been, and the ability to ask for a reminder after a certain amount of time.

While it would be possible to let each task have both a reminder period and a separate DUE date, i think this would probably be overkill..


Well, now that it's been like a due date since the release of WL, and there hasn't been much complaint about that, I'd opt for the dual solution: both a due date or a last done date are very useful.
I can understand you don't want to create bloatware, but both feel quite natural for a productivity-type app like WhenLast :up:

Another finding: The graphic used for the WL icon doesn't seem to be really square. I'm using MultiCon to have 4 app links in the space required for a standard homescreen link (so I can fit everything in 1 homescreen ;)), and the WL icon seems to be somewhat malformed, where other (often round/circle) icons are resized perfect by multicon. Can this be verified?

Edit: Added screenshot:

I'm sure you are right.. I need to get some help making better icon.


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