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Questions about Reminders

So I have some questions about how reminders should behave, and was hoping to get some opinions.

Let's say you create an entry called "Change Smoke Detector Batteries", and set that to remind you in 180 days.

Now 180 days go by without you changing the smoke detector batteries.

So presumably the program will trigger a reminder notification on your phone/tablet, even if you aren't running the program, that will be shown to you the next time you access your phone/tablet.

I'm thinking that clicking on that reminder will bring up the WhenLast program on a page of reminders/overdue items.

Now my question is, what happens if you ignore the notification -- swipe it away.

What more do you expect from the program? Should that be a one-time-only notification that you never get again? Or should it automatically re-remind you again in another week or in another 180 days?

For me, the critical feature is that it will re-start the countdown only when I acknowledge that I've completed the task implied by the first alarm. So if I'm using the app to remind myself to refill my medication every 30 days, and I'm out of town for the week that it triggers, I want to do it as soon as I return - and because my insurance forces me to space orders by 30 days, I have to wait that long even though I was late on the refill. Similarly, if I want to water my plants every 4 days, and I'm 3 days late, I don't want to water today, and have it remind me again tomorrow.

To actually answer the question, though...

I always have a tendency to try to push too much in, and this may be an instance of that. But I think that for nagging, each reminder should have an nag frequency attribute. You could set this to one of these values:

* One and Done - just remind me once, and then assume I'll take care of it
* Weekly - remind me one week from the first reminder, and once a week thereafter. This would be for low-priority tasks like changing the filter in the HVAC
* Daily - remind me once a day until I say I've done the task
And then, just to really over-complicate things, maybe I could open the app, and for a task that's triggered buy I haven't acknowledged yet, I could say "remind me again on Saturday" (without changing the fact that it's a 180-day cycle) so I can get to Home Depot to buy those filters.

How about available options for daily, weekly, monthly reiterations if the reminder isn't handled by the user for whatever reason? If it's not practical for the user to act on a reminder, and those options aren't enough, wouldn't the best course be simply for the user to reset the reminder?

Notifications can be expandable and respond to input.

It would be nice if it had a button you could press to say "done" (i.e. update the "Last Done Date" to now and reset the reminder to remind again in X days/months) and have another button that was something like "sleep" which would remind you tomorrow or maybe bring up another selection window of a few pre-set times to remind you, such as 1 day, 3 days, 1 week, 1 month.

Preliminary basic support for reminders has now been implemented -- but new version not uploaded yet.
After a little more testing i will upload for more testing.


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